Who's coming as of 05/26/2020

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First Name Last Name Affiliation Class Guest(s) Attributes
Olajumoke Adebulu CLGS'23 2023 Dienye Banigo Student
Daniel Antoine CLGS'23 2023 David Antoine, Lisa Antoine Student
Mitchell Arch CLGS'23 2023 Elissa Arch, Kenneth Arch Student
Dienye Banigo CLGS'23 2023 Olajumoke Adebulu Student
Sarah Barnica CLGS'23 2023 Student
Alexis Bell CLGS'23 2023 Mitch Bell, Jodi Black Student
Noah Bliss CLGS'23 2023 Student
Rachel Bradley 2023 Judith Bradley, Dan Bradley Student
Roy Buziba CLGS'23 2023 Rosebud Buziba Student
Keith Cartwright CLGS'23 2023 Christopher Cartwright, Kara Cartwright Student
Anna Cormier CLGS'23 2023 Mark Cormier, Anne Cormier Student
Liam Crowley CLGS'23 2023 Brian Crowley Student
Shatabdi Das 2023 Student
Hailey DeGeorge CLGS'23 2023 Student
Gina DeLeonibus DEN'23 2023 Student
Lucille Dunlop NUR'23 2023 Student
Caleb Evans CLGS'23 2023 Shantell Evans, Thomas Evans Student
Lila Ferraro CLGS'23 2023 Martin Ferraro, Liyan Chu-Ferraro Student
Megan Friday CLGS'23 2023 Dana (Herrmann) Friday, Charles Friday Student
Christian Fries 2023 Scott Fries, Ana Fries Student
Kyra Fuller CLGS'23 2023 Shawaun Morgan, Sara Bottoms Student
Lucia Garcia CLGS'23 2023 Student
Anthony Giammo CLGS'23 2023 Donald Giammo, Kimberle Giammo Student
Luke Giles NUR'23 2023 Alicia Tracy Student
Kathryn Hayes 2023 Student
Jared Heller CLGS'23 2023 Student
Abigail (Hotchner) Hotchner Blaser CLGS'23 2023 Student
Rachel Hyzny NUR'23 2023 Student
Bethany Kavanagh 2023 Jessica Kavanagh, JR Kavanagh, Jocelyn Kavanagh, Eric Kavanagh, Susan Torrance, John Torrance Student
Brandon Kedson CLGS'23 2023 Susan Shaid-Kedson, David Kedson
Dalya Khalife 2023 Fouad Khalife, Renee Khalife Student
Sara Khorshidi CLGS'22 2023 Ellen Concannon Student
Evan Kiesel CLGS'23 2023 Student
Micah Klassen CLGS'23 2023 Student
Harshita Kumar CLGS'23 2023 Student
Caroline Kuntzman CLGS'23 2023 Jamie Kuntzman, Patrick Garman Student
Han Lee DEN'23 2023 Student
Bryan Levine CLGS'23 2023 Tracy Levine, Frederick Levine Student
Anja Marozas NUR'23 2023 DIANA Herrmann, John Marozas Student
Dean Martinus 2023 Katherine Martinus
Katherine Martinus 2023 Dean Martinus
David Mirsky CLGS'23 2023 Danielle Mirsky, Steven Mirsky Student
Helen Molteni CLGS'23 2023 Patricia Molteni, Ronald Molteni Student
Jenna Monticciolo CLGS'23 2023 Lisa Monticciolo Student
Sara Olmsted CLGS'23 2023 Melissa Olmsted, Mary DeJonge Student
Liam O’Reilly 2023 Student
Isabel Papenbrock Romero CLGS'23 2023 Student
Kylen Patel CLGS'23 2023 Pankaj Patel Student
Sajan Patel CLGS'23 2023 Student
Putu Randy Radiarta CLGS'23 2023 Student
Peter Alex Rivera CLGS'23 2023 Rodrigo Bernardo Rivera, Stephanie Alexandra Rivera, Alexia Rivera Student
Antonio Russell 2023 Yvette Russell, Aurora Coppola, Edoardo Coppola Student
DavidPatrick Ryan 2023 Student
Marissa Salvaterra NUR'23 2023 Lynne Salvaterra Student
Curran Schmitt CLGS'23 2023 Timothy Schmitt Student
Max Schroder CLGS'23 2023 Roberto Schroder Student
Josie Shanklin NUR'23 2023 Melissa Shanklin, Tom Shanklin, Jacob Shanklin, Andrew Shanklin Student
Isabella Shawe 2023 Schannon Shawe, Michael Shawe Student
Malina Slizik 2023 Kathryn Slizik Student
Bradley Staron CLGS'23 2023 Gayle Staron, Mark Staron Student
Amelia Tan 2023 Sharon Chan, Allison Tan, Jui Tong Tan Student
Shvetali Thatte CLGS'23 2023 Ashwini Thatte, Vijay Thatte Student
Delaney Thompson NUR'23 2023 Donna Thompson, Jim Thompson Student
Alicia Tracy 2023 Luke Giles
Mark Vaughn CLGS'23 2023 Heather Vaughn, Matthew Vaughn, Wayne Zschech, Kate Zschech, Cathy Carlson, John McKiel, Sharon David Student
Tyler Weingartner CLGS'23 2023 Student
Erica Yang NUR'23 2023 PAUL YANG, SINDY CHOU, ELLIS YANG Student
Joshua yuan 2023 Edmund Yuan, Shelly Yuan Student
Chen Zhang 2023 Zhongping Guo

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