Who's coming as of 03/30/2020

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First Name Last Name Affiliation Class Guest(s) Attributes
Reagan Amato CLGS'22 2022 MaryJennifer Amato, James Amato, Jon Amato Student
Alyssa Anderson CLGS'22 2022 Peter Anderson, Laura Anderson Student
Laura Anderson 2022 Peter Anderson, Alyssa Anderson
Rachel Bobko CLGS'22 2022 Student
Jamie Booker CLGS'22 2022 Student
Joseph Broady CSE'22 2022 Amy Broady Student
Peter Chin CLGS'22 2022 Celeste Dureau, Dorothy Bailen Student
Alexandra Clay MED'22 2022 Student
Sabrina Costales CLGS'22 2022 Teena Costales Student
Caleb Curry CLGS'22 2022 Benjamin George, Luis Forteza, Liam Matthews Student
Luis Forteza CLGS'22 2022 Benjamin George, Liam Matthews, Caleb Curry Student
Joshua Freeze CLGS'22 2022 Nicole Freeze, Curtis Freeze Student
Ethan Fuller CLGS'22 2022 Student
Benjamin George CLGS'22 2022 Luis Forteza, Liam Matthews, Caleb Curry Student
Lexington Germosen CLGS'22 2022 Florangel Germosen, Rich Germosen Student
Aiden Gindin CLGS'22 2022 Student
Alex Gould 2022 Andrea Reisman, Mark Gould Student
Alexa Hsia CSE'22 2022 Raymond Hsia, Tracey Hsia Student
Claire Jeffress CLGS'22 2022 Student
James Jung 2022 Student
Winston Kam CLGS'22 2022 Student
Tanaja Kidd 2022 Ivan Conard Student
Tanaja Kidd 2022 Student
Aashna Kumar DEN'22 2022 Student
Liam Matthews CLGS'22 2022 Benjamin George, Luis Forteza, Caleb Curry Student
James McHargue 2022 Meilin McHargue, Jim McHargue Student
Kathryn Medrow CSE'22 2022 Family Student
Emma Mihlbachler NUR'22 2022 Lori Hallmark, Austin Charles, Debbie Marshall, Curt Marshall Student
Maya Montemayor CLGS'22 2022 Oscar Montemayor, Linda Montemayor Student
Paul Morello DEN Guest 2022 Laurel (Mitri) Morello Student
Emily Munoz CLGS'22 2022 Student
Alireza Nourani-Dargiri 2022 Student
Claire Pratt NUR'22 2022 Paula (Zieglar) Pratt, David Pratt Student
Lauren Sharkey CLGS'22 2022 Student
Allison Siekmann CLGS'22 2022 Student
Maeve Slife 2022 Matthew Slife, Krista Slife Student
Corey Smith 2022 Dawn Smith, Robert Smith Student
Hugh Smith CLGS'22 2022 Student
Alyssa Usab 2022 Harveen Bhatla, William Usab Student
Sarah Wegman CLGS'22 2022 Student
Sarah Yurick CLGS'22 2022 Steven Yurick, Suzanne Yurick Student
Wen Zhou 2022 Student
Margaret Zimmer CLGS'22 2022 Lisa Zimmer, Timothy Zimmer Student

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