Who's coming as of 03/30/2020

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First Name Last Name Affiliation Class Guest(s) Attributes
Peter Anderson 2021 Laura Anderson, Alyssa Anderson
Mia Baker DEN'21 2021 Student
Bridget Croniger 2021 Laura Croniger, Barbara Schuele
Bridget Croniger 2021 Family Student
Jesse Cvelbar CLGS'21 2021 Student
Allyson Dinhofer CSE'21 2021 Student
Emma Dooley CLGS'21 2021 Student
Katherine Glaess CLGS'21 2021 Student
Sophia Hall CLGS'21 2021 Student
Andrew Halza CLGS'21 2021 Student
Purdita Irving CLGS'21 2021 Gavino Schreiber, Kianarose Irving Student
Mona Jabari DEN'21 2021 Student
rita lakhssassi CLGS'21 2021 Student
Shannon McGarry CLGS'21 2021 Student
Timothy Orlando CLGS'21 2021 Debra Orlando, Amelia Orlando Student
Yvonne Pan CLGS'21 2021 Student
Kevin Pataroque CLGS'21 2021 Student
Kinjal Patel DEN'21 2021 Student
Ruhiben Patel 2021 Student
Tanvi Patel CLGS'21 2021 Student
Sophia Poppenberg CLGS'21 2021 Student
Zheng Qian DEN'21 2021 Student
Calliannie Reidenbaugh DEN'21 2021 Student
Samantha Rodgers 2021 Student
Andrew Thompson 2021 Klaudia Sirk, Daniel Sirk, Ewa Sirk, Karolina Sirk, Kamilla Sirk Student
Austin Van de Ven CLGS'21 2021 Jeannie Van de Ven Student
Jenna Wagner CSE'21 2021 Student
Blake Wiseman CLGS'21 2021 Steven Wiseman Student

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