Who's coming as of 03/30/2020

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First Name Last Name Affiliation Class Guest(s) Attributes
Elizabeth Adams NUR'20 2020 Carla Adams, Scott Adams Student
Maxwell Barbo CLGS'22 2020 Suzanne Mathis, Nadia Barbo Student
Nadia Barbo CLGS'20 2020 Suzanne Mathis, Maxwell Barbo Student
Morgan Beaver CLGS'20 2020 Student
Hanna Kadlec CLGS'20 2020 Timothy Kadlec, Elizabeth Kadlec, Hayley Kadlec, Crystal Garmon, Sompong Vongsouvanh Student
Vincent Karnik 2020 Staff Student
Jennifer Kennedy 2020 Staff Student
Amanda Lawrence CLGS'20 2020 Bridget Asaro Lawrence Student
Nicolas Leberer CLGS'20 2020 Julie McGuire, Timothy McGuire Student
Rebecca Linker CLGS'20 2020 Toni Poper, Sheldon Linker Student
Abigal Matthews DEN'20 2020 Jasmine Zaben Student
Marcus Mitchell GRS'11, GRS'18 2020 Student
Grace Moran CLGS'20 2020 Michael Miller, Elizabeth Adams, Adrian Hattan, Marin Exler, Anel Mattar Brett, Atirolaoluw Omilabu, Baelee Roach Student
Alexander Mullarkey CLGS'20 2020 Student
Sebastian Pino 2020 Student
Gillian Prater-Lee CLGS'20 2020 Student
Elizabeth Radics CLGS'20 2020 Student
Anna Simko CLGS'20 2020 Student
Klaudia Sirk 2020 Daniel Sirk, Ewa Sirk, Karolina Sirk, Kamilla Sirk, Andrew Thompson Student
Martina Stojanovska 2020 Tim Green Student
Leo Thuman CAS'20 2020 Gabriella Thuman, Glenn Thuman, Vincent Thuman Student
Roi Trawon 2020 Student
Amy Vaughters 2020 Student
Sienna Warshawsky CLGS'20 2020 Beth (Warshawsky) Ricanati, Elizabeth (Warshawsky) Warshawsky, Kittie Warshawsky, Marlene Ricanati, Tim Tibbitts, David Ricanati Family Student
Mitchell Webb CSE'20 2020 Student
Jasmine Zaben DEN'20 2020 Abigal Matthews Student

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