Who's coming as of 04/19/2019

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First Name Last Name Affiliation Class Guest(s) Attributes
Elizabeth Adams CWR '20 2020 Carla Adams, Mike Lewis Student
Nathan Andrasik DEN '20 2020 Student
Carrol Anton DEN '20 2020 Student
Nadia Barbo CWR '20 2020 Suzanne Mathis, Max Barbo, Elizabeth Schmidt Student
Hanan Beck DEN'20 2020 Student
Sherri Bolcevic 2020 Meghan Schill Student
Ana Burilo DEN'20 2020 Student
Ian Canepa DEN'20 2020 Student
Yanet Cejas DEN'20 2020 Humberto De La Cruz Student
Morgan Celistan DEN'20 2020 Student
Yupian Cen 2020 Student
Pu Chao DEN'20 2020 Philip Mui, Trigain Keritininjikaal, Abrar Khan Student
Sarah Curtis DEN'20 2020 Kyle Krueger Student
Lorena Delgado DEN'20 2020 Student
Adam DeLong MED'20 2020 Sophia Golec Student
Shikha Dharia DEN'20 2020 Student
Emily Doe DEN '20 2020 Student
Sarah Forsberg DEN'20 2020 Student
Morgan Fox 2020 Student
Anna Ganios DEN'20 2020 Student
Laura Gennaro DEN '20 2020 Student
Sophia Golec MED'20 2020 Adam DeLong Student
Alexander Gordon 2020 Student
Andrew Guirguis DEN'20 2020 Student
Elizabeth Hanna CWR '20 2020 Student
Yuanzhao Hou 2020 Student
Kris Hyatt DEN'20 2020 Student
Hanna Kadlec 2020 Timothy Kadlec, Elizabeth Kadlec, Hayley Kadlec, Crystal Garmon, Sompong Vongsouvanh Student
Brian Kelly 2020 Teresa Kelly, Kevin Kelly Student
Trigain Keritininjikaal DEN'20 2020 Philip Mui, Pu Chao, Abrar Khan Student
Abrar Khan DEN'20 2020 Philip Mui, Pu Chao, Trigain Keritininjikaal Student
Jeong Min Kim DEN '20 2020 Student
Doraja Lake 2020 Rico Lake, Robert Hughes, Symone Woods, Kindria Lake Student
Amanda Lawrence 2020 Bridget (Lawrence) Asaro Lawrence Student
Chang Hyun Lee DEN'20 2020 Student
So Jung Lee DEN '20 2020 Student
Melany Leek GRS'15 2020 Student
Wenjing Lin 2020 Student
Zoe Lindbloom 2020 Julie Lindbloom, Chad Lindbloom
Rebecca Linker CWR '20 2020 Toni Poper, Sheldon Linker Student
Anthony Lyamichev DEN'20 2020 Student
Rohan Madhyani DEN '20 2020 Student
Abigal Matthews DEN'20 2020 Jasmine Zaben, Bruno Dos Santos Student
Richard McGuire DEN'20 2020 Student
Mary McPheeters 2020 Student
Amy Lynn Melok DEN '20 2020 Student
Bethel Mieso MED'20 2020 Alice Shieh Student
Riki Motoyama 2020 Student
Philip Mui DEN '20 2020 Pu Chao, Trigain Keritininjikaal, Abrar Khan Student
Jonathan OBrien 2020 Student
Francis O'Brien 2020 Student
Atirola Omilabu 2020 Student
Amanda Pillai DEN'20 2020 Student
Monica Reyes 2020 Student
Ghazal Sadeghi DEN'20 2020 Navid Akbarzadeh Student
Meghan Schill 2020 Sherri Bolcevic Student
Victoria Schoenig CWR'20 2020 Vincent Schoenig, Edith Schoenig, Nicholas Schoenig Family Student
Rock Shadduck DEN '20 2020 Student
Alice Shieh MED'20 2020 Bethel Mieso Student
Anna Simko CWR '20 2020 Student
Klaudia Sirk CWR '20 2020 Daniel Sirk, Ewa Sirk, Karolina Sirk Student
sophia sokoloski 2020 Amy Cedargren Student
Haesun Souh DEN '20 2020 Student
Rayanna Stevenson 2020 Student
Rongcan Sun 2020 Student
Lauren Thai DEN'20 2020 Student
Priya Thakker DEN'20 2020 Student
Kenny Trigain DEN'20 2020 Student
Igor Tutelman CWR '20 2020 Marina Tutelman, Arkadiy Tutelman Student
Jingnan Wang 2020 Student
Hongjia Xu 2020 Student
Runhan Xu 2020 Student
Ru Guo Yang DEN'20 2020 Student
Andrew Yant 2020 Student
Sarah Yu 2020 Student
Jasmine Zaben DEN'20 2020 Abigal Matthews, Bruno Dos Santos Student
Yuanlong ZHANG 2020 Student

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