Who's coming as of 03/30/2020

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First Name Last Name Affiliation Class Guest(s) Attributes
Sara Ahmad CSE'19 2019
Edward Bennett CLGS'18, NUR'19 2019
Nishi Bhagat CAS'19 2019 Student
Sophie Boysko CAS'19 2019
Caroline Bredthauer CAS'19 2019 Emma Bredthauer, Abby Bredthauer
Robert Breetz LAW'19 2019
Hannah Caldwell LAW'19 2019
Ashley Chan CAS'19 2019
Ashley Chan CAS'19 2019 Student
Catherine Chervenak CAS'19 2019
Koko Etokebe CAS'19 2019 Student
Waluma Fofung GRS'19 2019
Ashley Grimes GRS'19 2019 Gabriel Rosa
Siddharth Hariharan CLGS'19, GRS'19, CAS'19 2019
Yujie Hu CLGS'18, CAS'19 2019
Anne Hurst LAW'19 2019
Caroline Jewett NUR'20 2019 Student
Andrew Jimenez CSE'19, GRS'21 2019 Student
Adam Joselson CSE'19 2019
Sarah Kim MGT'19, CLGS'19 2019
Laura Klingler SAS'19 2019
Bhavya Kumaran CSE'19 2019
Vasudev Kuram CAS'19, CLGS'19 2019
YuanYuan Liang CAS'19 2019 Chih Chao Chang
Shil Mehta MGT'19, CLGS'19 2019
Samantha Miller MGT'19 2019
Viral Mistry CLGS'19, CAS'19, CAS'19 2019
Rachel Pavlakovic CLGS'18, CSE'19 2019
Irene Prilutskiy NUR'19 2019
Baelee Roach CAS'19, CLGS'19 2019
Madhankumar Saiprasad CAS'19 2019
Sarah Seol NUR'19 2019 Justin Messer
Li Sheng GRS'16 2019 Student
Thomas Shoniker DEN'19 2019 Jennifer Barrord
Gursewak Singh MGT'19 2019
Allison Smith LAW'19 2019 Andrew Newsome
Michaela Stamper CAS'19 2019
Sarah Stottner MGT'19, CLGS'19 2019
Anushri Suppiah CSE'19 2019
Lillian Trambley MGT'19, CSE'19 2019
Breoni Turner CLGS'18, CSE'19 2019
Maggie Tyma CLGS'19, CAS'19, MGT'19 2019
Ciara Utz GRS'19 2019 Alexandria Weirich Staff
Lucy Wan MGT'19, CLGS'19 2019
Alexandria Weirich GRS'19 2019
Alexandria Weirich GRS'19 2019 Ciara Utz

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