Who's coming as of 03/30/2020

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First Name Last Name Affiliation Class Guest(s) Attributes
Jennifer Barrord DEN'18 2018 Thomas Shoniker Student
Sean Baxley CAS'18 2018
Imani Behrens CAS'18 2018
Justin Beiriger CSE'18 2018
Shounak Bose CSE'18 2018
Holly Bowen SAS'18 2018
Siqi Chen MGT'18 2018 Lulei Song
Tyler Clarkson CLGS'17, CSE'18 2018 Sunakshi Puri
Wilmel Cosme CAS'18 2018
Jose Gonzalez Campos CSE'18 2018 Student
Kaitlyn Gorski CLGS'18, MGT'18, MGT'19 2018
Emily Jensen CAS'18 2018
Devyn Jeska MGT'18 2018
Dominique Kizer LAW'18 2018
Stephanie Kresic CSE'18 2018
Robbie MacCue MGT'18 2018
Seth Meade CSE'18, CLGS'18 2018
Navid (Tavoli) Mohammad Tavoli MGT'18 2018 Yasaman Roostaeian
Jessica Nash CLGS'18, CAS'18, GRS'18 2018
Marie Norris SAS'18 2018 Mark Norris Staff
Garretson Oester CAS'18 2018
Heather Paramore SAS'18 2018 David Walters Staff
Sunakshi Puri CSE'19 2018 Tyler Clarkson
Dawn Richards CAS'09, MGT'18 2018 Scott Snodgrass
Jacob Rosebrock GRS'18 2018
Rejowana Rouf CAS'18, CLGS'18 2018
Gus Roversi CAS'18 2018
Rebekah Russell CAS'18 2018 Student
Max Seneff MGT'18 2018 Family
Margaret Shull MGT'18, MGT'18 2018
Molly Simich CSE'18, CLGS'18 2018
Yijing (Bai) Tang CAS'18 2018
Samantha Tischler SAS'18 2018 Staff
Brooke Tyus CAS'07, LAW'18 2018
Meghna Vij CLGS'18, CSE'19 2018
Monica Windholtz CAS'18, GRS'18 2018
Hanyu Zhang CSE'18, GRS'19 2018

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