Who's coming as of 04/19/2019

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First Name Last Name Affiliation Class Guest(s) Attributes
Sarah Adams 2018 Student
Isaiah Ahn CWR'18 2018
ruo ban 2018 Student
Caroline Bencivenga MGT'18 2018
Justine Bernacet CAS'18 2018
Erin Berschig NUR'18 2018
Gage Blair NUR'18, NUR'18 2018
Caitlin Bunker NUR'18 2018
Erin Buttars CAS'18 2018
Nina Cepeda NUR'18 2018
Bonnie Chen MED'18 2018
Jun Chen 2018 Student
Annie Cheng NUR'18 2018 Student
Ting-Yu Chiang 2018 Student
Tyler Clarkson CLGS'17, CSE'18 2018 Sunakshi Puri
Lu Dai MED'18 2018 Min Lang
Abigail Dessart MGT'18, MGT'18 2018
Xi DU 2018 Student
Victoria El-Hayek CAS'18, GRS'18 2018 Anshul Dhingra
Celeste Engel CWR '18 2018 Family
Luke Fakult CSE'18 2018 Joseph Fakult, Sandra (Jokic) Fakult, Jacob Fakult, Nathan Fakult, Veronica Fakult, Jennifer Fakult, Terry Fakult Family
Yijun Fan 2018 Student
Gabriella Fioravanti CSE'18 2018
Yi Gan 2018 Student
Noriel Garcia DEN'18 2018 Meilys Farinas
Jose Gonzalez Campos CSE'18 2018 Student
Sydney Gray CSE'18, CLGS'18 2018
Abigale Groseclose NUR'18 2018
Zhanning Gu 2018 Student
Nirmala Gupta CAS'18, CLGS'18 2018
Xiaoning Hao 2018 Student
Noa Hockstein NUR'18 2018
Zihao Hong 2018 Student
Jingsen Huang MGT'18 2018
Laura James CWR '18 2018
Hannah Kazaal 2018 Student
Elizabeth Kenney MGT'18 2018
Bueniel Kim CAS'18, CLGS'18 2018 Student
Aquene Kimmel CWR '18 2018 Staff
Dominique Kizer LAW'18 2018
Per Knutas MGT'18 2018
Jonathan Krauss CSE'18, CLGS'18 2018
David Lance CAS'18, CLGS'18 2018
Min Lang MED'18 2018 Lu Dai
Katherine Lewis CWR'18 2018 Thomas Lewis
Ming Liu 2018 Student
Samantha Liu CAS'18, GRS'18 2018
Huanhuan Lu 2018 Student
Jingren Luo 2018 Student
Elizabeth Madden NUR'18 2018
Melanie (Martin) Martin Ebel SAS'18 2018 Jodie Chappuis
Deborah Maxwell NUR'18 2018
Andrew Moore CWR'18 2018 James Philbrick
Alexander Nesvisky CWR '18 2018
Matthew Newcomer CSE'18 2018
Timothy Nicholas CWR'18 2018
Garretson Oester CAS'18 2018
Edwin Pacheco Colon MGT'18, GRS'18 2018
Rachel Payne MGT'18, MGT'18 2018
Melissa Persensky 2018 Staff
Joseph Peter GRS'18 2018 Karen Peter
Sunakshi Puri 2018 Tyler Clarkson
Kayla Reaves MGT'18, MGT'18 2018
Lindsey Robinson CWR '18 2018
Diana Rosales NUR'18 2018
Kathryn Ryan CAS'18 2018
Jeff Sagerer CWR '18 2018
Chandrika Sanapala 2018
Dennis Schwartz LAW'18 2018
Max Seneff MGT'18 2018 Jean Seneff
Jiahao Sun 2018 Student
Olivia Taliaferro CWR '18 2018
Samantha Tischler SAS'18 2018 Staff
Jun Tong 2018 Xuwen Qin
Shanshan Tong 2018 Student
Breoni Turner 2018 Student
Anno van den Akker CWR '18 2018
Nathaniel Vishner CAS'18 2018 Student
Kaimin Wang 2018 Student
Rachel Webb CSE'18 2018
Ziyun Wei 2018 Student
Rachel Weisbecker CAS'18 2018
Shu Weng 2018 Student
Shu Weng 2018 Student
Maxwell White 2018 Nanette White, Marlon White, Samantha White, Terrell White
Ziqian Xu 2018 Student
Peiyu Yan 2018 Student
Eva Yang 2018 Student
Yi Yang GRS '18 2018
Yumin Yang 2018 Student
Yiyi Zhao 2018 Student
Marie (Catanese) Zickefoose SAS'18 2018 Staff

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