Who's coming as of 04/19/2019

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First Name Last Name Affiliation Class Guest(s) Attributes
Jami Altum-Mcnair GRS'12, LAW'12 2012
Blake Bankwitz CAS'12, GRS'12 2012
Kevin Carnes II CSE'12 2012
Bryce Coleman MGT'12, MGT'13 2012
Meredith Collier CAS'12 2012 Family
Clare Fagerholm NUR'12 2012 David Pickering
Chao Feng GRS'12 2012
Donte Gibbs CAS'10, MGT'12, SAS'12, SAS'12 2012 Yolanda Gibbs, Michael Gibbs, Romonda Gibbs, Dominique Tucker, James Crumley, Natoya Walker-Minor
Jose Gutierrez CAS'12 2012 Jenarmi Contreras
Tausha (Ronevich) Johnson NUR'12 2012 Brad Johnson
Daniel Kaufman CAS'11, GRS'12 2012
Colleen Leners NUR'12 2012
Rahul Pavanan MGT'12 2012
James Petras CAS'13 2012 Staff Student
Michael Saylor CSE'12 2012
Siu Yan Ng Scott MGT'12, SAS'12 2012 Staff
Daniel Straka LAW'12 2012 Kaylie (Kinney) Straka
Tiarra Thomas CAS'12 2012 Staff Family
Alice Valentin-Torres GRS'13 2012 Charles Ursitti

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