Who's coming as of 04/19/2019

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First Name Last Name Affiliation Class Guest(s) Attributes
Shannon Brown SAS'07 2007
chava (Berkman) harris SAS'07 2007 Faculty
Michael Henry CSE'07 2007
Matthew Maloney 2007 Toby Maloney, Melanie Maloney, Lindsay Maloney
Sarah Rovito CSE'07 2007 Anton Rovito
Teresa Schleicher SAS'07, MGT'07 2007
Ashley (Kurz) Stock SAS'07 2007
Jeffrey Verespej CAS'07, MGT'11 2007 Sara (Witt) Verespej
Kristin Victoroff GRS'07 2007 Brian Victoroff Faculty
Jason Warner CAS'07 2007 Michael Groenke, Ingrid Groenke-Warner, Carole Groenke
Alesha Washington SAS'07, MGT'07 2007 Ada Gilbert, Lori Scott, Erskine Cade
Brook Watts GRS'07 2007

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