Who's coming as of 03/30/2020

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First Name Last Name Affiliation Class Guest(s) Attributes
William Beus MGT'99 1999
Ariel (Pitts) Borisch NUR'99 1999 Eric Borisch
Eric Borisch CSE'99 1999 Ariel (Pitts) Borisch
Jaime Bouvier LAW'99 1999
David Cupar CAS'96, LAW'99 1999 Jennifer (Kratt) Cupar
Mark Dickerson DEN'99 1999 Katie Dickerson
Daphne Dorce MED'99 1999
Jeff Dryden DEN'99 1999 Tina Dryden
Tina Dryden 1999 Jeff Dryden
Frank Echelmeyer MGT'99 1999
Marian (Elder-Cargill) Elder NUR'99 1999 Ronald Cargill, David Elder, Marian Elder, William Elder
John Farrall MGT'99 1999
Maria Galvez Picon MED'99 1999 Ludovic Blain
Franco Garofalo DEN'99 1999
Christopher Green MGT'95, MGT'99 1999
Susan (Hatters) Hatters Friedman CAS'96, MED'99 1999 Harry Hatters, Patti Hatters Faculty
Robert Huang CAS'95, MED'99 1999
Hamed Javadi DEN'99 1999
Laura Junglas GRS'99 1999 Family
Shawn Kennedy DEN'99 1999 Rachel Kennedy
Avinash Kothavale MED'99 1999
Kenneth Lin MED'99 1999
John McCormac MED'99 1999
Sanjay Mehta MED'99 1999
Tracey Messer MGT'99, GRS'15 1999 Faculty
Lynn Milliner MED'99 1999
Peter Moore DEN'99 1999 Lori Moore
Kunbi Oguneye MGT'99 1999
Steven Oltean DEN'99 1999
Marcelo Orchon MGT'99 1999
Aditi (Shah) Parikh CAS'95, MED'99 1999 Faculty
Amy Polster MED'99 1999 Daniel Polster, Sheldon Polster
Valerie Raines MGT'99, SAS'99 1999
Srinivas Rao MGT'99 1999
Tina (Georgievski) Resser NUR'97, NUR'99 1999
Matthew Salerno LAW'99 1999 Faculty
Adaora Schmiedl MGT'99 1999
Kristen Sherman MED'99 1999
Gail (Palombia) Shipley MGT'99 1999 Staff
Wanda Shoulders SAS'99 1999
Bradley Smith DEN'99 1999 Mandie Smith
Gitanjali (Puri) Thanik DEN'99 1999 Sunil Thanik
Sunil Thanik DEN'99 (Perio) 1999 Gitanjali (Puri) Thanik
Matthew Tien MED'99 1999
Melissa Times MED'99 1999

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