Who's coming as of 04/19/2019

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First Name Last Name Affiliation Class Guest(s) Attributes
Richard Adelstein DEN'93 1993
Heidi Armstrong LAW'93 1993
Julie (Kennedy) Austin SAS'93, MGT'93 1993 Staff
Elissa (Morganti) Banas LAW'93 1993
Michael Benoit LAW'93 1993 Robert Marn
Gregory Beten DEN'93 1993 Diane Beten
Philliph Bialecki MED'93 1993
Andrea Campbell CSE'93, GRS'96, MGT'99 1993
James Cardon CSE'93 1993 Melissa (McNichols) Cardon, Dominick Cardon
Melissa (McNichols) Cardon CAS'93, MGT'94 1993 James Cardon, Dominick Cardon
Nancy (Iden) Carlson MGT'93 1993 William Carlson
Catherine Curley MED'93, GRS'97 1993 Faculty
Evelin Dacker MED'93 1993
Joseph Daprano MED'93 1993 Denise Bothe Faculty
Craig Denney LAW'93 1993 Valerie Fridland
Seema Dhingra DEN'93, GRS'95 1993 Sunny Dhingra
Teresa Dolinar MED'93 1993
Lee Erickson MED'93 1993 Said Ibrahim
Kathleen Frato NUR'93 1993
Eric Friess MED'93 1993 Jana (Sward) Friess
Lauren Gardner LAW'93 1993 Mark Gardner
Mark Gardner LAW'93 1993 Lauren Gardner
Kevin Goldsmith LAW'93 1993
Arthur Grant MED'93 1993
Jessica (Frank) Hernstadt LAW'93 1993 Roger Hernstadt
Jeffrey Hickman LAW'93 1993
Paul Ho DEN'93 1993 Lily Ho, Lauren Ho
Arnold Huffman CSE'93 1993
Said Ibrahim MED'93 1993 Lee Erickson
Ian Kahn LAW'93 1993 Suzanne Hamlin
Georgina (Forester) Keyes LAW'93 1993
Kathleen Mara LAW'93 1993
Lisa (Salzinger) Martel CSE'93, CAS'93 1993 Patrick Martel Family
Brian Miller LAW'93 1993
Veronica Ng CAS'90, DEN'93, DEN'97 1993 Rob Moss
Joan (Dugan) Osborne LAW'93 1993
David Parajon MED'93 1993
Timothy Russo LAW'94 1993
Shareefah Sabur MGT'93, SAS'93 1993 Muqit Sabur
Dorothy Shaffer MED'93 1993
Lora Sherman MED'93 1993
Ronald Sobecks CAS'89, MED'93 1993 Nancy Sobecks Family
Karin Stiles-Roach SAS '93 1993 Robert Kolberg
Seth Wolf LAW'93, MGT'94, LAW'94 1993 Adina Wolf
Kurt Young LAW'93 1993 Cheri Holdridge
Andrew Zashin LAW'93 1993

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