Who's coming as of 04/19/2019

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First Name Last Name Affiliation Class Guest(s) Attributes
Elizabeth Allen MED'83 1983
Jonathan Altschuler MED'83 1983
David Arday MED'83 1983 Nathaniel Arday
Stacy Ballin LAW'83 1983
Elaine Batchlor MED'83 1983
Mike Benninger MED'83 1983
David Berns WRC'79, MED'83 1983
Robert Blankfield MED'83, MED'84, GRS'92 1983 Cheryl Blankfield
Theodore Bobinsky MED'83 1983
Robert Bonham MED'83 1983 Marita (Byrnes) Bonham
Robert Bonomo MED'83 1983 Rita (Petrino) Bonomo
Pamela (Brown) Brown MED'83 1983
Daniel Coyne MED'83 1983 Tamara Coyne Faculty
George Crisci LAW'83 1983 Rosemary Crisci
Philip Dixon DEN'83 1983 Carolyn Dixon, Calliannie Reidenbach, J.R. Reidenbach
Robert Edelstein LAW'83 1983 Stacy Edelstein
Robert (Carothers) Eppley MED'83 1983 Karen Carothers
Gerard Gizzi DEN'83 1983 Jason Tsongas
Marjorie Greenfield MED'83 1983 Anthony Post Faculty
Dennis Grossman MED'83 1983 Julie Short
Karen (Wainwright) Hogan NUR'83 1983
Rita Hungate MED'83 1983
William Katzin GRS'80, MED'83 1983 Katherine Solender Staff
Nora Lindheim MED'83 1983
Randy March MED'83, MGT'94 1983
Thomas Marxen DEN'83 1983 Victoria Marxen
Kathryn (Sords) Mercer SAS'83, LAW'83, GRS'97, SAS'97 1983 Guy Mercer Faculty
David Michel LAW'83 1983 Lisa Michel
George Moscarino LAW'83 1983
Linda Nagy MED'83 1983 Matthew Hannon
Catherine (Nowak) Nowak MED'83 1983 Robert Stroup
Julia Nunley MED'83 1983 Roderick Jordan
Matthew O'Connell LAW'83 1983
Mary Ann (Orzech) Orzech CIT'70, GRS'78, MED'83, MGT'09 1983
Chris Partis WRC'83 1983 Shelly Partis
Lisa (Petti) Petti DEN'81, DEN'83 1983 Raul Garcia
Jacqueline (Peyton) Peyton-Cook MED'83 1983 Gary Cook
Jay Roberts GRS'79, MED'83 1983 Cindy ROBERTS
Benjamin Rosolowski CIT'83 1983
Allen Roth MED'83 1983 Sharon (Meckler) Roth
Lawrence Sachs LAW'83 1983
Lawrence Schedler MGT'83 1983
Dale (Stark) Stark MED'83 1983
Robert Stroup MED'83 1983 Catherine (Nowak) Nowak
Jill Veber MED'83 1983
Sheryl Walker WRC'79, MED'83 1983 Hubert Bridges
Joan (Zolkoski) Witt DEN'83 1983 Jane Witt
Jane Wren DEN'83 1983
Eric Yasinow MED'83 1983 Paulette (Balin) Yasinow
Linda (Zipp) Zipp MED'83 1983

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