Who's coming as of 04/19/2019

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First Name Last Name Affiliation Class Guest(s) Attributes
Aazy Aaby MED'78, MED'79 1978 Family
Mark Agrast WRC'78 1978 Aaron Agrast, Harold Agrast, Nora Kancelbaum, Robert Agrast Family
Philip Anderson MED'78 1978 Faculty
Carol Buchter MED'78 1978
David Cameron DEN'78 1978 Virginia (McCarthy) Cameron
James Cuglewski DEN'78 1978 Patricia Cuglewski
Kevin Cummins GRS'74, MED'78 1978 Kathy Cummins
Christina Dates Carter DEN'78 1978 Wayne Carter
Charlene (Douglas) Douglas WRC'75, NUR'78 1978
Jeffrey Eadie DEN'78 1978 Susan Eadie
William Garber WRC'74, DEN'78 1978
James Hagy LAW'78 1978
Jerry Hannibal NUR'78 1978
Robert Haynie GRS'72, MED'78 1978 Edweana (Robinson) Robinson
Kathy (Cox) Hookway SAS'78 1978 Ray Hookway
James Jewell WRC'78 1978
Donald Lum MED'78 1978 Denise (Intihar) Lum
Michael Matheis DEN'78 1978 Michelle Meister
Kevin McDonald LAW'78 1978 Marybeth McDonald Family
Marybeth McDonald 1978 Kevin McDonald
Terrance McGovern DEN'78 1978 Lynne Ellsey
Denise Miller LAW'78 1978
Barry Paige DEN'78 1978 Leslie Paige
Richard Ransohoff MED'78 1978 Margaret Ransohoff
Jeffrey Saffitz GRS'71, ADL'71, GRS'77, MED'78 1978 Sauci Saffitz
Linda (Sharpe) Sharpe-Taylor, Ph.D. 1978 Bill Fleming, Ph.D.
Robert Shenk WRC'74, MED'78 1978 Yvette (Visser) Shenk Faculty
Chris Space DEN '78 1978
Richard Stern LAW'78 1978
F. Witt LAW'78, MGT'81 1978 Leslie Witt
Ann Womer Benjamin LAW'78 1978 David Benjamin
Daniel Wright WRC'78 1978

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