Who's coming as of 04/19/2019

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First Name Last Name Affiliation Class Guest(s) Attributes
Tom Abelson MED'76 1976 Abby (Goulder) Abelson
James Anderson MED'76 1976 Mary Lou Anderson
Mary Lou Anderson MGT'92 1976 James Anderson
David Bakke CIT'76, CIT'76 1976
Katie (Shinbaum) Cahn SAS'76 1976
Deborah Hill SAS'76 1976
Roma Jasinevicius DEN'74, DEN'76 1976 D. Degesys Faculty
Donald Lewis DEN'76, DEN'80 1976 Todd Lewis, Jeff Lewis, Larae Catoera, Kristin Landes, Matt Landes, Charlotte Casterline, Peter Casterline, Carole Vaccarillo, Corine Sheng, Sam Sheng, Renzo Sheng, Weslan Sheng, Pat Bourquin, Bill Bourquin, Carol Crow, Clark Weaver, Tashi Catoera, Pete Casterline Faculty
Allen Maragliano SAS'76 1976 Lynne Maragliano
Susan (Schultz) Nagorney CIT'76 1976 Frank (Nagorney) Nagorney, Paul Nagorney, Anna Nagorney, Kay Amini, Amin Amini, Mark Nagorney
Vera (Perkins) Perkins-Hughes WRC'76 1976 Albert Hughes, Tonia King
Jeffrey Posner LAW'76 1976
Murray Rosenthal WRC'76 1976 Esther Rosenthal
Julius Simmons SAS'75 1976
Alicia (Valiando) Wilkins SAS'76 1976 Gilbert Wilkins, Jonathan Wilkins, Margaret Pham, Lu Pham
Gilbert Wilkins SAS'76 1976 Alicia (Valiando) Wilkins, Jonathan Wilkins, Margaret Pham, Lu Pham
Donnalou Zambelli-McVay DEN'76 1976 Amberlee Taylor, Summer Wise
Ray Zyck WRC'76 1976 Anne Zyck

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