Who's coming as of 04/19/2019

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First Name Last Name Affiliation Class Guest(s) Attributes
Geoffrey Barnes LAW'73 1973 Maryann Barnes
Wayne Barry MED'73 1973 Diana Barry
Timothy Benich ADL'69, DEN'73 1973 Diane Benich
Edgar Boles LAW'73 1973
Martin Brown WRC'73 1973 Nori Brown
Lawrence Carlini LAW'73 1973 Andrea (Cohen) Carlini
Mark Davenport MED'73 1973
D. Degesys ADL'69, DEN'73 1973 Roma Jasinevicius Faculty
Larry D. Edwards WRC'73 1973
Noel Ellison 1973
Nancy (Fink) Fink WRC'73 1973
Lawrence Finkelstein WRC'73 1973
Eddy Goldberg WRC'73, WRC'78 1973
Pam (Borden) Heckert NUR'73 1973 Clark Heckert
Dorothy Jeffries WRC'73 1973
David Johnson WRC'73 1973
Roger Kalbrunner LAW'73 1973
Marleen Kassel WRC'73 1973 Paul Kerson
Sandra (Press) Kearns WRC'73 1973
Bradley Kronstat WRC'73 1973
Mildred Lam MED'73 1973 Al Connors, Chris Connors, Andris Connors
William Langstaff DEN'73 1973 Toby Langstaff
Jeffrey Leavitt LAW'73 1973
Ralph Levine WRC '73, MED '78, LAW '90 1973
Jennifer (Rosenberg) LoPatin WRC'73, SAS'75 1973 Mark LoPatin
Ray Mallinak CIT'68, DEN'73 1973
Toby Maloney GRS'73 1973 Melanie Maloney, Lindsay Maloney, Matthew Maloney
Lewis March ADL'69, MED'73 1973 Ellen March Family
Mary Ellen (Hammad) McKee-Hammad NUR'73 1973 David Hammad Family
Nancy (Meyerson) Meyerson-Hess WRC'73 1973
Michael Morris WRC'73 1973
James Moses MED'73 1973
Myra (Goldstein) Orenstein WRC'73 1973 Family
Lawrence Oswick DEN'73 1973 Barbara Oswick
Frank Pace ADL'69, DEN'73 1973 LaDeana Pace
Dr. Suzanne Phillips WRC'73 1973 Michele Roquemore Comer
Janet (Lapidus) Poole WRC'73 1973
Jonathan Poole ADL'70, GRS'72, MGT'73 1973
Robert Purtell CIT'73 1973
Patricia (Wharton) Roberts WRC'73 1973
Diane Robertson WRC'73 1973
Michele Roquemore Comer 1973 Dr. Suzanne Phillips
Bill Rueppel CIT'73 1973
Joseph Soblosky WRC'73 1973 Lori Soblosky
Mark Swary LAW'73 1973
Thomas Van Dyke ADL'69, DEN'73 1973 Barbara (Rowdybush) Van Dyke
Stephen Webster LAW'73 1973 Eva (Koja) Webster
Steve Weingrad LAW'73 1973 Lisa Weingrad
Charles Weller LAW'73 1973
Betsy (Flaum) Wilkowsky WRC'73 1973
laurie (gruberg) young WRC'73 1973

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