Who's coming as of 04/19/2019

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First Name Last Name Affiliation Class Guest(s) Attributes
Sarah Alexander LYS'70 1970 Bruce Alexander
Bill Causin CIT'70 1970 Mary McCullough
Michael Drain LAW'70 1970
Judith (Rosenberg) Feiman FSM'70, GRS'71, GRS'74 1970 David Feiman
Jerold Goldberg DEN'68, DEN'70, DEN'74 1970 Michele Goldberg Faculty
Bruce Groberg CIT'70 1970
Michael Groenke ADL'70 1970 Ingrid Groenke-Warner, Jason Warner, Carole Groenke
Bryant Mason ADL'70 1970
Byron Olson GRS'70 1970 Patricia (Thomas) Olson
James Rambasek MED'70 1970 Lynn Rambasek
Judith (Byrns) Reeves NUR'70 1970
Leonard Tomsik DEN'70 1970 Laura Tomsik Faculty
James Waldorf CIT'70 1970
Virginia (Chambers) Ward NUR'70 1970
Michael Zabell DEN'70 1970 Sarah Felder, Minda (Rudnick) Rudnick Faculty

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