Who's coming as of 03/30/2020

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First Name Last Name Affiliation Class Guest(s) Attributes
John RIchard Briggs MED'59 1959 Marilyn Briggs
Gale Bromelmeier NUR'59, NUR'79 1959
Roberta Coffin MED'59 1959 Judy Fleming
Richard Ellis MED'59 1959 Marilyn Ellis
John Ferrante CIT'59, GRS'67, GRS'78 1959
Robert Garver CIT'59 1959 NANCY GARVER
Michael Gundzik CIT'59 1959 Francie Gundzik
Judith (Dauber) Guye Swanson NUR'59 1959 Allan Swanson
Joseph Humel ADL'55, DEN'57, DEN'59 1959 Patricia Humel
Donald Jaffe ADL'59, LAW'61 1959
Thomas Kicher CIT'59, GRS'62, GRS'65 1959 Faculty
Carl Koch CIT'59, GRS'61, GRS'64 1959 Carolyn (Hallett) Koch
Leonard Ludwig CIT'59 1959
William Lynch CIT'59 1959
Kermit Newcomer MED'59 1959 Barbara Newcomer, Lisa Sauer
Oliver Poppenberg CIT'59 1959
Ronald Posner ADL'59, MED'63 1959 Linda Posner
Edward Schroeder ADL'50, MED'59 1959 Lois Schroeder
Ronald Sveda DEN'59 1959 Dorothy Ann Sveda
Lois Urban NUR'62 1959
Gerald Wahl ADL'53, DEN'59 1959 Phyllis Wahl

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