Who's coming as of 04/19/2019

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First Name Last Name Affiliation Class Guest(s) Attributes
Donald Anthony ADL'54, MED'58 1958 Eleanor Anthony
George Aronoff ADL'56, LAW'58 1958 Roma Aronoff
Elaine (Katz) Berg GRS'58 1958
James Berick LAW'58 1958 Christine Berick
Jack Bigham ADL'58 1958 Othadell Bigham
James Borden ADL'54, MED'58 1958 Kathryn Borden
Ronald Fleming MED'58 1958 Katie Fleming
Richard Fratianne ADL'54, MED'58 1958
carol (blair) frey FSM'58 1958 Henry frey
Henry frey CIT'58 1958 carol (blair) frey
David Friedman LAW'58 1958 Judy Friedman
Harry Geiger DEN'58 1958 Phyllis Lockwood Geiger
Raymond Grabow LAW'58 1958 Margaret Grabow
Sheldon Greene ADL'56, LAW'58 1958
Jack Love WRC'56, DEN'58 1958 Jeannine (deNobel) Love
Joseph Meyers ADL'52, LAW'58 1958
George Moscarino LAW'58 1958 Barbara Moscarino
David Perelman ADL'56, LAW'58 1958 Judie Perelman
James Phillips MED'58 1958 Barbara Phillips
Robert Reitman LAW'58 1958 Sylvia Reitman
Arthur Rosenbaum MED'58, MGT'94 1958 Marcia (Selzman) Rosenbaum
Donald Schneider CIT'58 1958 Ellen Schorr
Alan Sims ADL'55, LAW'58 1958 Judy Sims
Leland Tainter CIT'58 1958
Daniel Weidenthal MED'58 1958
Charles Wiley CIT'58 1958 Katherine Ann (Rudolph) Wiley

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